Stroud Veterinary Hospital

In the spring of 2003 we purchased "the Peacock house" in Stroud and renovated it into a space suitable for a Veterinary Hospital, with a full apartment underneath.  We tried to retain the character of the house, as many people in the community have memories of the parties and social events that took place here over the years. Stroud Veterinary Hospital opened in 2004 with a staff of two: Dr. Wendy Hatch and a Registered Veterinary Technician named Monique.  Over the years we have grown, and now Monique's duties as Hospital Manager include staff wrangling as well as treating the animals. We have provided placements for many co-op students.  Dr. Judy Pottins joined our team in 2016 and fills in for Dr. Wendy a few days a week so she can spend more time with her family.

The goal of Stroud Veterinary Hospital is to provide our clients with all the information and necessary care to keep our patients in the best health possible.  We share a belief that if you can present and discuss the available options for care and treatment,  ensuring that the owner understands why recommendations are being made, then our patients will have the happiest, healthiest life possible.

Since opening, Stroud Vet Hospital has hosted three open houses, taken part in initiatives to control the local feral cat population, and has donated money to local events and sports teams. Dr. Wendy has had many opportunities to talk to local children about dog care, bite prevention, and how to 'read' animal body language.  As a clinic, we feel it is important to show people the connection between animal and human diseases, and to take our role seriously as defenders of human health.  We welcome the chance to talk to people and answer questions about the treatments we use, the procedures we follow to keep ourselves and our patients healthy, and the alternative therapies that are available in this changing world.