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What to Expect

At Stroud Veterinary Hospital our number one priority is you and your pets comfort. From treats and lick matts to non skid blankets for your pets, and chairs accessible to our rooms and coffee/tea for our clients we try to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Another way we try to make our pets comfort number one is by booking only one appointment at a time, that way there are no other pets waiting in the office and our attention is fully on you and your pet. Unfortunately we do sometimes run into double bookings if an emergency comes in but we will do our best to accommodate. When you first arrive you will be greeted by a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) followed by some paperwork and weighing your pet on the scale. From there you and your pet will be escorted to either the dog room or cat room. The RVT will then take a full history of your pet asking several questions about their overall health. Their vitals (temperature, heart rate and respiration rate) will also be taken at this point. One of the doctors will then come in and go over any concerns you may have as well as do a full physical examination. The examination includes looking in the pets eyes/ears/mouth, doing different range of motion exercises with all limbs/neck, feeling internal organs like kidneys, liver, bladder and intestines, and doing a full body massage while feeling muscles and ligaments etc. Our appointments for new clients, geriatric or sick animals are an hour long. This helps to provide enough time for you and the doctor to discuss all aspects of your pets health. It also allows for ample time for questions/answers or possible diagnostics. Our annual wellness examination and vaccine appointments are booked for 30 minutes. Again, this allows enough time for discussions to happen about your pet with both the Registered Veterinary Technician and Veterinarian. Estimates are provided and explained before any type of diagnostics or treatments are started and we have the capabilities of doing blood work, x-rays, urinalysis, and ECG's in the hospital at that time. Dogs that are over 30 lbs typically are examined on the floor instead of the table for their added comfort.


One thing we believe in is client education, we have several education packages that are sent home with new puppy/kitten, allergies, and common illnesses/diseases like diabetes that are packed full of information so you know and can be confident in your pets health care needs. We highly encourage our clients to ask questions during the appointment or to call after the appointment if questions arise, even after hours as we answer our phones 24/7. As a part of your pets health care team we want everything to be very clear and well understood. After your appointment you will then be brought to the front where the RVT will go over any medications/instructions to go home or any recommendations by the doctor. The RVT will also take care of all billing and schedule your pet's next visit with us!


We at Stroud Veterinary Hospital look forward to meeting you and your pets.


-Dr. Wendy Hatch, Dr. Judy Pottins, Dr. Kate Hawkes, Monique RVT, Hospital Manager, Tabitha VT, Carollynn RVT,  Joanna RVT, Danielle


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